“If YOU DON’T Want to Discover How to Use Viral  Blogging to Crush Poverty & Be a Big Boy That Makes $500- $1,000 Per Month in 2019 Don’t Read This Webpage!”


 From the Table of Olujimi Metilelu
“The Viral Blogging Millionaire”

Dear Friend,

If you have been worried about what kind of business to do next year, I got good news for you.

News so good, if you implement it you will be making cool dollars every single day in 2019.

But before I go on to “Reveal” this good news to you, I will kindly advise you to put your phone in silence, stop all you are doing and concentrate on this special info, because by the time you are done reading this article, I will be spilling all the beans & showing you how I used Viral blogging to make between $500 to $1,000+ dollars every month that my Neighbors thought I was doing Yahoo plus or something, of which I was doing a legitimate business called “Viral Blogging!”. 


Curious to know How I Did It?


I know..you should be! 

But before I go on...Allow me to Introduce myself….

Who is Olujimi Metilelu?  

To answer that question, let me allow my loyal fan on facebook do the talking before I tell you who I am….. 








So who am I in Summary? 


My name is Olujimi Metilelu, and I’m an online business expert who focuses on Viral Blogging

but today is not about me, but about ME showing you EXACTLY how I broke the chains of being broke using a fail-proof Viral Blogging System that has worked for me day in day out.

How The Frustration Of E-Commerce   Accidentally Led Me to Discover the Viral Blogging System That Changed My Financial Destiny After 6 Month of Trial and Errors… 


You see, if I am to tell you my story, trust me, you will not leave this page, that’s why I will try to make it short and simple. 


I lost close to 700k from January 2018 till like June 2018 TESTING all sort of money making methods AFTER terrible courier companies frustrated my efforts when I was doing E-commerce business.

“I Tried All Sort of Money Making Tactics And Lots Thousands of Naira!”

I was so frustrated of trying all sort of Money Making schemes That Never Worked,  I was about to give up...but something inside me keeps telling me to keep trying as there is always light at the end of every tunnel. 

Then  a close pal of mine on skype told me about a system called Viral Blogging…

I was like…”Which one be Viral Blogging Again?” 

He was like…


"Viral blogging is about creating a simple but unique blog that's doesn not require regular updates,  you can send traffic to and generate profit regularly via the use of publisher network like Adsense.."

I was Like...


Bro.... don’t understand….please tell me how? 


And as a marketer..you know that where there is Massive Traffic There is Massive Money to Be Made!


But instead of me to allow him to train me, I went all out to do research on how to kick start my own viral Blogging business-Without a coach and any handbook! 


I BURNT a hell lot of money when I started my Viral Blogging Business as I was not getting the kind of result I was expecting….It was so frustrating and annoying at the same time.


That was when I knew I had to INVEST in some very important Courses so that I can be good at Viral Blogging business or I will be out of business sooner or later.


Which is what I did….


“Gradually I was getting HOW to run a proper viral Blogging business!”

Now I’m very good at building a Viral Blog that I make money so many people wish they made in a year in less than 30 days!

So Far I Have Made Thousands of Dollars From Viral  Blogging 

See My Proof Of Earning Below!











“After Several Begging and Pleading" 


I Finally Decided to Reveal How I Setup the Viral Blog System!


It got to a point so many people who wish to know how to make money online are now begging me to reveal the exact method I used to create my Viral Blogging System business that’s making me a shocking amount of money….that’s why I had to create a course to reveal the exact method I’m using….. 





“Viral Blogging Goldmine!”




“How to Setup a Highly Profitable Viral Blog that Makes You $500-$1,000+ Every Month Without Wasting Your Time!”


What is  Viral Blogging Goldmine?

Viral Blogging Goldmine is Physical Video course I created to take you by the hands and reveal to you how the actual strategies I used to kickstart a highly profitable viral blogging business that now earns me so much money than a bankers salary.

These Blogging Strategies are so profitable, you get paid in dollars ONLY 


How Do You Make Money With Viral Blogging?   

The answer is very easy.... 

All You need to make a truckload of money with Viral Blogging is to...

No.1: Set Up A Viral Blog Fill Up With Attractive Articles

No.2: Add Publisher Code. E.g: Adsense   

No. 3: Send Paid Traffic To The Blog

No.4: Make Boatloads of Dollars Legally! 


“ It Took Me 4 Months & So Many Sleepless Night

to Create Viral Blogging Goldmine!”  

The truth is that I did a whole lot of research, had sleepless nights and sacrificed a lot of pleasures just to come up with the Viral Blogging Goldmine…..Just to make sure I give me student the BEST training to Kickstart 2019 with a big bang! 


You see, I don’t want to “talk too Much” let me just give you a hint of some of the Content of the Viral Blogging Goldmine….


When You Get Viral Blogging Goldmine, you will discover the following…


Video #1: A simple Introduction to Viral Blogging that even a 5 Yrs Old Would understand!


In this video, I will take you by the hands and introduce to you what actually Viral Blogging is, make you understand the A-Z of Viral Blogging So that you can see a reason to own a profitable Viral blog like I do!

Value: N3,500



Video #2: How to Build & Manage a Viral Blog Like a Blogging Ninja!


In this video, I will teach you how my insider system for building a lucrative viral blog, a recipe so secret I will NEVER tell anyone who is NOT my student!

With this, you know the exact way I build a viral blog like a blogging Ninja!

Value: N7,5000


Video #3: How to EASILY Research and Create Content for Your Viral Blog Like a Pro!


In this Video, I will take you by the hands and show you how to easily carry out research, create enticing viral content that people will love to read and unconsciously share to their friends.

See, the is the Soul of the business, so you can’t miss this for anything in the world!
Value: N8,500

Video #4: How to Monetize your Viral Blog For Maximum Profit!


In this video, I will show you how you can turn your viral blog into a profit making machine that will not just make you money, but bring you the massive amount of dollars a day in day out.

This is one of my closely guarded secret  and I ONLY reveal this to very close students, which you can be if you act fast.

Some of the optimization secret you might know...but the method of using is not known to the outside world.


Wonder what the method is?


Then get the Viral Blogging Goldmine!

Value: N10,500!

Video #5: How to generate converting traffic to your viral Blog Target countries have proven  to convert well

In this video, I will show you some unknown traffic generating method, that will generate massive traffic that will bring you, so many readers and customers, so much that your revenue will spike up and your neighbors will think you did blood money or something!

This traffic generating method is a top secret that you can only find in The Viral Blogging Goldmine


Video #6: How to Track your Revenue and Ads Spend Like a Pro!

In this video I will show you how I track all my viral blogging business so that you can know how much you  have made and identified  any mistakes you must have made, this is because a good businessman one must be able to track his business well, that’s why I made a video to show you HOW to track your revenue and your viral blogging business like a pro.

These are just a tip of what I will reveal in the training…..

To Show You I'm For Real, Here is Some Proof Of Payment From Some of My Most Successful Student!






Here are LIVE Video Proofs of  THe Money I Have made With Viral Blogging Goldmine! 

Here are Some Testimonials From Top Internet Marketing Experts & Students!  




You can now see that the Viral Blogging Goldmine  is a well sought- After secret and I’m ready to reveal it to ONLY serious people like you….

Now I know You will asking….

Mr Metilelu How Can I Lay My Hands on This Powerful Course?”


It’s actually easy to get it...


But before you get it,  allow me to quickly show you the Massive Value of what you’ll get when you purchase the training course…  




I Will Use My Personal Money to Send You the Viral Blogging Goldmine Course Straight to your Address, even if you are staying in Sambisa Forest [Value: N47,000



I packaged the Viral Blogging Goldmine Course into a DVD because I have a very very limited copy and I don’t want every  Tom-Dick and Harry to Own it.


So when you get the Viral Blogging Goldmine Course I will use my personal money  to send it to you, no matter the location of where you stay!


How Sweet? 



I will Give You Full Support When You Get The Viral Blogging Goldmine
[Value: N40,000]

Usually I Don’t do this, as I’m a very busy man. But for you, I will break Protocol.


When You Get This Blogging Gold Mine Course, I will ensure I am always available via Whatsapp, facebook and email so that I can always be available in every step you take as you build your own Viral Blogging Empire.


No. 3: 

Instant Access to My Viral Blogging Rolodex! [Value: N70,000]

As a viral blogger, there are some necessary tools of the trade and knowledge you NEED to have. THat’s why I have decided to give you some of my closely guarded trainings & Software the moment you get the Viral Blogging Goldmine.


Check Them Out:

Complete A-Z of Video that will show you how to develop a wordpress website! [Value: N7,500]

Customize Copywriting Templates for Creating Eye Catchy Headlines [Value N9,500]

G hacks live copywriting training [Value N6,500] 

How to Use Google Alerts trends TO Boost Your Viral Blog! [Value: 8,500]

The Untold Reddit Marketing Secret Training [Value: N6,000]

Traffic Unleashed! [Value: N5,500]


You will get these and even more as soon as you purchase the Viral Blogging Goldmine!


If you check the Accumulated value of this offer, It  worth over N200,000, But Trust Me, I Am Not Going to Ask you to Pay Such a Huge Sum of Money as I Know The Way the Economy is….


So How Much Will You Pay For

The Viral Blogging Goldmine?


You see, don’t let us beat around the bush. When I created the training, I intended selling it for a whooping N70,000 Naira with  the massive bonus.


But I  got several pleadings from hopeful students and friends  alike that I should PLEASE make the training affordable.


“So How Much Will The

Viral Blogging Goldmine Cost You?”


If You get it today..right now...you will get the Viral Blogging Goldmine for a token of…….

 “=N=12,500 ONLY!”



So There You go…


All you need to make Over $1,000 to $3,000 dollars on autopilot is JUST N12,500 ONLY!

All you need to break free from the financial stress in Naija is JUST N12,500 ONLY!


All you need to make 2019 a very great year for you is JUST N12,500 ONLY 


Also don’t forget that you will get getting some massive bonuses worth over 70k
Including FREE consulting as soon as you get the Viral Blogging Goldmine Course.


So Why Should You Get Viral Blogging Goldmine Today?  


 My dear friend, there are are so many reasons  I will advise you to get the Viral Blogging Goldmine...but here are the MOST important reasons:

You’ll Start Earning In Dollars instead of Naira and 1 Dollars  is Equal N360 (and it’s STILL going up!)


It’s a very stress free  business, all you just need to do  is  to “Set & Forget it”


You don’t need to crack your head to research for anything..all you just need to do is is write a “viral content” and run ads to it! Easy Pissy!


 Buying the Viral Blogging Goldmine Will Make 2019 your BEST year


“This Course Is the BEST investment You Can Ever Make in 2019!”


You know what they say...“New Year- New Me”?

Well, this course can be the actual thing that can take you to the financial Promise land you have always wanted to go.


All you just need to do is to get it today, NOT tomorrow, not NEXT tomorrow, because we are rapidly running out of stock...and I don’t want you left out. 

So How Do You Get It?


Very Easy….. 

But Unfortunately For you, this offer will expire when the timer below hit 0:0:0:0 after which the price will go up to 15,000 Naira and will never come down


Option #1 

Kindly transfer the Sum of N12,500  into the Follow Bank account:



Bank Name:  Guaranty Trust Bank


Account Name; Olujimi Metilelu


Account No: 012-1882-504


As soon as you pay, kindly send the following info to my email:  Blognaire@viralblogging.info 

Your Name


Two REACHABLE Phone Numbers

Amount Paid

Proof of Payment Screenshot

Delivery Address 

Local Govt  


All too: Blognaire@viralblogging.info 


Option #2  

You can easily pay online via paystack and have instant access to this course today, no super story...

Just Click The Button Below to Take You to The Payment Page and Pay Right Away...


As soon as I see these info, I will send your package to your delivery address as soon as possible!

“Allow The Viral Blogging Goldmine To

Make 2019 a Great Year For You!”


As we enter the new year, I will advise you NOT to hesitate to get the Viral Blogging Goldmine.




This is because most business models that used to be profitable are NOT profitable anymore.


They are just bunch of stress givers e.g Mini Importation! Affiliate Marketing etc!



But for Viral Blogging Goldmine, it’s a simple set and forgets system and you are on your way to banking thousands of dollars like I have done severally.



So don’t Hesitate, Hurry Up And Pay for You Copy of Viral Blogging Goldmine TODAY or miss the goodies that come with it!


Option #1 

Kindly transfer the Sum of N12,500  into the Follow Bank account:



Bank Name:  Guaranty Trust Bank


Account Name; Olujimi Metilelu


Account No: 012-1882-504


As soon as you pay, kindly send the following info to my email:  Blognaire@viralblogging.info 

Your Name 


Two REACHABLE Phone Numbers

Amount Paid 

Proof of Payment Screenshot

Delivery Address 

Local Govt  


All too: Blognaire@viralblogging.info 


Option #2  

You can easily pay online via Paystack right now and have instant access to this course today, no super story...

Just Click The Button Below to Take You to The Payment Page and Pay Right Away...


As soon as I see these info, I will send your package to your delivery address as soon as possible!



There You go…

You can either go for the N12,500 offer which is the Viral Blogging Goldmine Or….

Or Just leave this page and continue to my small small naira. 


Either of which you choose, know that you are on the part to making massive dollars in 2019 if you buy into any of the offers.

Don’t Dull and Don’t Miss This For Anything….


Frequently Asked Question 


(a) What Exactly Do You Need to Start a Viral Blog?

Below Listed are what You Need to Start Up The Viral Blog Business 

1) A Computer
2) Internet Connection
3) Debit Card

Can a Complete NOVICE Do This Business Without Any Complications?

Yes even anybody new to the Internet business Scene can do this business with no issues at all. 

Do I Require any Technical Skill to Run This?

No, You Do Not Need any Technical Skills to Run THis business At All. 

How Soon Do You Start Seeing Success? 

You Start seeing Results as soon as You Start spending Your Ads Budget. 

How Long Will it Take to Get the Course  Delivered?

it depends on your location but 72 hours at most from the day it get sent out to the Delivery Company.  

Will There Be a Support Group?

Yes there will be a WhatsApp support group initially and then as the community increases, we will move to facebook. 

How safe is this business?

The business is very safe because you are not doing anything illegal

Then I will call you and tell you how we are going to proceed on your project. 

Happy New Year,
Olujimi Metilelu & Anayo Ezenwa
“The Viral Blogging Millionaire”  

 For More Info Call 08144548946


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